Intelligent CIO North America Issue 21 - Page 43

FEATURE : DATA CENTERS and point tools like Excel and Visio are not shareable or scalable . Sunbird is solving these pain points with second-generation DCIM . Secondgeneration DCIM dramatically simplifies data center management via :
• Super-fast deployments . Deployment takes half the time of first-generation tools , requires significantly fewer resources and provides fast RoI .
• Completeness of capabilities . Depth of functionality covers asset , capacity , change , energy , power , environment , security , connectivity , visualization and business intelligence and analytics .
• Zero-configuration analytics . Pre-built dashboards , charts , reports and visual analytics come out of the box , requiring no tedious configuration effort .
• Automation via integration . A complete set of free APIs and connectors enable automation to save time , improve data accuracy and simplify data sharing .
• Compatibility with what you have . Industrystandard protocols provide broad compatibility with virtually all third-party meters , sensors and software .
• Extreme scalability . Enterprise-class scalability that can handle millions of assets , billions of data points per day and thousands of users .
• Ease of use . Elegant design that requires fewer clicks , fewer mouse movements and is intuitive to use .
• Data-driven collaboration . Shared dashboards and team views break down organizational silos and encourage information sharing .
• AI and Machine Learning . Machine Learning technology enables automatic power capacity planning to increase the efficiency of capacity utilization .
How do your core company values align with your focus on sustainability practices and achieving net zero carbon by 2030 ?
Sustainability is very important to us . Our product is made to help data center managers do more with less and we want to support them in their efforts to become carbon neutral .
Recently , we ’ ve been hearing from many data center managers that they want to reduce their carbon footprint and we ’ re happy to have a solution that can help them achieve that goal easier , faster and with less risk .
Our measure of success is our customers ’ success and our product roadmap is developed in partnership with customers in our global user group program .
We work together to create a solution that will help them increase energy efficiency and maximize the utilization of their existing resources . p
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