Intelligent CIO North America Issue 21 - Page 41

FEATURE : DATA CENTERS on-site to replace dependence on fossil fuels . These energy sources continue to become more costeffective every year .
Finally , DCIM software is a must-have to measure , trend and report on energy efficiency metrics , maximize the utilization of existing resources to defer wasteful new buildouts and drive more energyefficient behavior .
Can DC operators ever expect to balance availability / reliability with sustainability – and if so , how ?
It ’ s a common concern that increasing sustainability comes at the expense of increased risk to availability and reliability , but that doesn ’ t have to be the case .
With DCIM software , operators can rest assured that their sustainability initiatives aren ’ t introducing risk with real-time power and environment monitoring capabilities .
Users can set warning and critical thresholds on rack loads , inlet loads , circuit breaker loads , three-phase balance , temperature and humidity .
When a threshold is violated , the user is automatically alerted so they can remediate any issue before it causes a serious problem .
Herman Chan , President , Sunbird Software
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