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One of the greatest challenges for any organization is identifying and retaining top IT talent . The current business environment has made this especially challenging given the high levels of demand for experienced engineers , programmers and cloud network architects .

At LucidLink , we ’ ve been fortunate to have retained the majority of our global development team since our company launched in 2016 ( we ’ ve only had a single person from our 30-person team leave the company ).
The secret behind our retention success ? Building a culture that puts people first . While this may seem like a very simple concept , building and maintaining this kind of organizational philosophy is much more complex . We subscribe to the philosophy that you should treat your employees as if you ’ ll be working for them one day .
The IT world has traditionally held a ‘ product first ’ mentality , placing development teams under intense pressure to quickly turn around deliverables on-time and under budget with little consideration to the welfare of the developers involved . This type of commoditized thinking and environment is not only toxic and unsustainable in the long term , but it also makes recruiting and retaining your best talent incredibly difficult . invested in the success of the companies they work for , and our core values and philosophies reflect that .
We believe in placing more authority and decisionmaking at the employee level . While the authority and overall strategy for the company continue to flow from the top down , everyone brings ideas to the table no matter their experience .
We also practice workplace transparency – sharing information freely in an effort to create a positive company culture . From our financial outlook to our broader strategy , we share the same information with
We subscribe to the philosophy that you should treat your employees as if you ’ ll be working for them one day .
our employees as we do with our board of directors . Communication is key between our employees , partners and customers . While this ‘ flat thinking ’ can be difficult to maintain as a company scales , we know that it provides a greater level of engagement and loyalty that goes beyond pure compensation ( although it is also an important consideration ).
In our view , true innovation comes from putting people before product . Every product has a set shelf life , and the technology that we see as innovative today will be considered ‘ table stakes ’ within the next three to five years .
Knowledge workers ( especially in this highly competitive environment ) want to feel empowered and
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