Intelligent CIO North America Issue 21 - Page 24

“ This report serves as a valuable resource for antifraud professionals to learn what types of technology their peers are using , or plan to use , and how these technologies have impacted the success of their fraud prevention and detection initiatives .”
Exploring the data by industry , region and more visualization tools that enable users to examine findings by industry , geographic region and company size . Survey respondents represent 23 industries – most prevalently government and public administration ( 22 %) and banking and financial services ( 20 %). Their employer organizations , ranging in size from fewer than 100 employees to more than 10,000 , are located throughout the world .
The 2022 report is the result of a biennial , global research initiative launched by the ACFE and SAS in 2019 . Complementing this second edition of the report , SAS ’ online dashboard offers data
Among the other cross-industry takeaways to explore :
• Analytics is an indispensable fraud detection tool . When asked about their use of analytics ,
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