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Aura integrates Password Manager into all-in-one digital security application

Aura , a leading provider of all-in-one digital security for consumers , has announced it has integrated a password manager feature

into its consumer security application . Aura ’ s Password Manager simplifies consumers ’ online lives by taking the headache out of memorizing and accessing usernames and passwords .
“ Preventing unwanted online account access is critical and passwords are often the first line of digital defense ,” said Hari Ravichandran , Founder and CEO of Massachusetts-based Aura .
“ However , remembering passwords for all of your accounts can be difficult . Through Aura ’ s Password Manager , your login information is protected by industry-leading encryptions and is easy to access as you need it .”
A recent survey commissioned by Aura in conjunction with Harris Poll found that , unfortunately , 64 % of US adults don ’ t yet use a password manager app or service .
Password managers have many benefits for consumers as they allow users to store differentiated passwords in a secure location and enable users to easily log in to accounts linked to the password manager .
Password Manager is available across all Aura plans and integrated into existing customer accounts for Aura ’ s direct to consumer offering .

SonicWall returning choice to customers by securing any mix of cloud , hybrid and traditional environments

SonicWall , a global leader in physical , virtual and cloudfocused cybersecurity solutions , is emphasizing the return of customer choice for securing and scaling a mix of cloud , hybrid and traditional environments .

California-based SonicWall ’ s growing virtual , cloud and hybrid offerings leverage the best of the company ’ s Boundless Cybersecurity approach to return deployment choices to the customer while solving real-world use cases faced by SMBs , enterprises , governments and MSSPs .
SonicWall ’ s core cloud solution offerings :
• Solve security and connectivity challenges for cloud-native and hybrid environments .
• Secure access to cloud and on-premises applications and virtualized workloads through modern Zero-Trust capabilities .
• Protect increasingly distributed and remote workforces through powerful virtualized security layers and zero-touch capabilities .
• Simplify threat detection and response by unifying security events and analytics in a single cloud-based dashboard , allowing easy visualization and management of high-risk alerts .
“ The modern IT environment is rife with complexity that drives security and connectivity challenges , which can be further complicated when organizations require hybrid environments comprised of physical , virtual and SaaS offerings and private and public cloud solutions ,” said Chris Rodriguez , IDC Research Director . “ Cybersecurity vendors that support these deployment options add tremendous financial and operational flexibility for their customers and are also well suited for organizations that are in different stages of their cloud journey .”
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