Intelligent CIO North America Issue 17 - Page 83

FINAL WORD target into interactions and establishing fake profiles are more work than simply finding an open relay somewhere on the Internet . That being said , the targeting of individuals has proven a very successful channel , and we predict the use of this vector could grow not only through espionage groups , but other threat actors looking to infiltrate organizations for their own criminal gain .
Nation states turn to hackers for hire . In 2022 , we will see an increase in the blending of cybercrime and nation-state operations . In many cases , a start-up company is formed , and a web of front companies or existing ‘ technology ’ companies are involved in operations that are directed and controlled by the countries ’ intelligence ministries . The initial breach with tactics and tools could be similar as ‘ regular ’ cybercrime operations , however it is important to monitor what is happening next and act fast – companies should audit their visibility and learn from tactics and operations conducted by actors targeting their sector .
Rise of smaller affiliates . The Ransomware-as-a- Service ( RaaS ) eco system has evolved with the use of affiliates , the middlemen and women that work with the developers for a share of the profits .
However , for a long time , RaaS admins and developers were prioritized as the top targets , often neglecting the affiliates since they were perceived as less skilled . This , combined with the lack of disruptions in the RaaS ecosystem , will create an atmosphere where those lesser-skilled affiliates can thrive and grow into very competent cybercriminals , eventually with a mind of their own .
It is crucial that enterprises stay aware of the cybersecurity trends so that they can be proactive and actionable in protecting their information .
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