Intelligent CIO North America Issue 17 - Page 75

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Cybersecurity is a priority for all organizations today , given the shift to remote and hybrid workforces , but many CISOs have an overwhelming stack of security products which they may not be getting the best out of . Nick Savvides , Director of Strategic Accounts for Asia Pacific at Forcepoint , highlights how an integrated approach may be one solution for managing tool sprawl , as well as how Forcepoint is helping customers to navigate this new environment .


Can you give us some insight into what the threat landscape looks like for organizations today ?
The threat landscape has continued to evolve . In 2021 – and into 2022 – most of the challenges that organizations face are related to users and their data , particularly because many organizations are still operating with a remote working environment . We ’ re moving from the response phase of remote working to the ‘ business as usual ’ phase . This means that tools , processes and technologies need to adapt .
Ransomware is also still likely to play a big role in certain industries , with a change of focus from corporate environments to critical infrastructure , manufacturing , healthcare and government settings .
Tell us about the impact of work from home policies , including on individual employees and the consequences for security ?
What was impossible from an IT or a cybersecurity perspective at the start of 2020 became possible by April . We made compromises in the way that we dealt with security , such as policy changes that allowed remote access . Over the last 12 months , some of these changes have become more permanent . Organizations have rolled out improved VPN environments and made
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