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Cohesity goes beyond Zero Trust with new SaaS solutions

New Data Management-as-a-Service offerings complement Cohesity ’ s threat defence architecture and can help customers win the war against ransomware .

Cohesity has announced Cohesity Connect , new security and governance offerings designed to keep customers a step ahead of bad actors launching sophisticated ransomware attacks . In the early days , cybercriminals initially focused on encrypting production data . Cohesity countered by enabling customers to rapidly restore from backup data . Then , criminals started to destroy or encrypt backups .

Cohesity countered with immutability . Now , bad actors are exfiltrating the data and threatening to post it on the Dark Web . To help customers address the latest threats ,
Cohesity unveiled the following SaaS offerings , which will be housed under the company ’ s Data Management-as-a-Service portfolio of Cohesity-managed solutions :
• Cohesity DataGovern : a data security and governance service that uses AI / ML to automate the discovery of sensitive data and detect anomalous access and usage patterns which could indicate a cyberattack in play – key to thwarting bad actors trying to exfiltrate data .
• Project Fort Knox : a service that will allow customers to maintain an isolated copy of their data in a Cohesity-managed vault to improve data resiliency in the face of ransomware attacks . In addition to immutability , this gives customers another means to thwart attackers trying to encrypt data .
These offerings will be key additions to the company ’ s comprehensive Threat Defence architecture that showcases how Cohesity and a wide range of ecosystem partners help customers address the latest cyberthreats , including ransomware .
“ Cybercriminals are rapidly becoming more sophisticated and aggressive and the damage ransomware attacks cause to organizations can be catastrophic in terms of costs and brand reputation ,” said Matt Waxman , Vice President of Product Management , Cohesity .
“ Relying on legacy backup as an insurance policy no longer is sufficient . Customers need next-gen technology that makes it easy to identify sensitive data , detect anomalies , isolate data and stay ahead of modern threats . That ’ s what we ’ re focused on providing via our solutions and our Threat Defence architecture .”
These new SaaS offerings both draw from and contribute to Cohesity ’ s Threat Defence data security architecture . This multi-layered architecture brings together a range of products , services and capabilities from Cohesity and ecosystem partners to help customers identify threats via AI and ML , protect their data and easily recover in the event of a cyberattack .
" Providing data security and a fast response to attacks are critical as we jointly help customers combat cybercrime ,” said Rishi Bhargava , Vice President Product Strategy for Cortex XSOAR , Palo Alto Networks . " Through Cohesity ’ s integration into the Cortex XSOAR platform , we are helping our mutual customers combat ransomware attacks by quickly detecting and responding to critical data security alerts ." p
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