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CASE STUDY go . Before , they would ask us to escort their vendors which took up a lot of our time . By setting up this new visitor management process using ClearID and other critical technologies , we can lessen our team ’ s workload , while ensuring the highest levels of security ,” said Abdelmessih .
Soon , a Telehouse customer will be able to log into the ClearID portal and submit all relevant details to request access to the site and server .
Details include the technician ’ s name and contact information , the date of the visit , the reason for the visit and other information . That request is sent to the network operations center where an operator will review the information and accept or deny the request .
Once approved , the visitor will receive a QR code via email . When they arrive on site , a receptionist will scan their QR code and assign the visitor a temporary badge . The Telehouse team will also capture the visitor ’ s digital fingerprint and facial scan .
To access the server cabin , each visitor must then go through a series of security checkpoints including turnstiles , revolving doors with anti-pass-back features , and dual-authentication requirements where both cards and biometric scans are vetted .
All this directs the guest to a Deister electronic key cabinet where they must tap their card to an access reader for the system to automatically assign them a server cabin key . Unifying all these security technologies within Security Center ensures that security operators can monitor visitor movements and quickly pull reports to conduct investigations if needed .
When their work is complete , the visitor must go through a similar process to exit . Once again , they are authorized and tracked at every juncture until the access control card is dropped off , their privileges are automatically disabled and they are given clearance to leave through a turnstile .
“ When welcoming over 400 visitors per month , Genetec ClearID helps our team become more efficient . Every step from the initial request to the deactivation of the card is logged which simplifies auditing and reporting for our team ,” said Abdelmessih .
The Telehouse operations teams can also use Genetec ClearID to track their external vendors who come on site to handle scheduled maintenance or repairs . “ ClearID will simplify the process for welcoming our vendors to the site as well . Our inhouse staff can request access for these vendors just like our customers can ,” said Abdelmessih .
Staying compliant and cyber secure builds customer trust
Telehouse stores and secures data for hundreds of global companies . The company ’ s customers span industries such as healthcare , banking , manufacturing , hosting and many others . This means Telehouse must be able to adapt and comply with standards set by those industries including the Service Organization Control ( SOC ) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ( HIPAA ), among others .
“ We go through roughly 40 – 50 audits for our customers every year . Some have very strict guidelines and rigorous auditing processes . Being able to easily retrieve access control reports has been vital to our business . Using Security Center and ClearID , we can customize these reports and save them for future auditing . So , when we have to re-run the report for the month , it ’ s as easy as pressing a button .”
Maintaining compliance at Telehouse includes upholding a strong cybersecurity posture . “ The ClearID module retains a lot of customer information . So before onboarding Genetec , we had our global security watch team in Japan extensively evaluate the software for cybersecurity best practices . Everything from the built-in encryptions to the certificates that Genetec holds to where the information is hosted and the backups available were all scrutinized . In the end , our team agreed that Genetec solutions checked all the right boxes for cybersecurity and we got the approval from our HQ ,” said Abdelmessih .
Using an intuitive platform to modernize operations
Beyond security , the operations teams at Telehouse are also benefiting from the security upgrades . Using Security Center , the engineering team monitors video feeds in equipment rooms and near cooling towers . This allows them to quickly see if a fan on a cooling tower stops spinning or if any other mechanical failures need their urgent attention .
“ Since implementing the Security Center unified platform , securing our site and managing our visitors has become much easier . Having that unified security view ensures our staff can see what ’ s happening and respond without delay .
Even from an operational standpoint , we ’ re delivering more value and assurance to our customers with detailed auditing and reporting . As we continue to evolve our security operations , I think Genetec will be a very long-term partner for us ,” said Abdelmessih . p
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