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Unifying security makes investigations easier
Across both the Staten Island and Manhattan locations , the security teams monitor a total of 400 cameras and 400 doors using both the Omnicast video surveillance system and the Synergis access control system of Security Center . Since installing Security Center , Telehouse has strengthened security in big ways .
From maintenance closets to server racks , every single door in the data center now has an access control reader . The security team works from the map-based interface , Plan Manager , to quickly handle alarms and locate cameras .
Only having access to basic system functionality created other challenges . The security team couldn ’ t modernize their visitor management processes or add newer biometrics , intercom or perimeter technologies to enhance site security . The systems were simply too old to accommodate new integrations and expansions .
Over time , these limitations began straining resources . Visiting technicians needed to be escorted to servers to ensure compliance , taking Telehouse staff away from other jobs . The Telehouse team also logged when visitors were issued server keys using pen and paper . As audit requests came in , compiling information became difficult and time-consuming .
As the systems neared the end of product life cycles , the data center company was ready for a major security upgrade . According to Milad Abdelmessih , Senior Director for HR and Corporate Division at Telehouse : “ We wanted a unified and modern security solution that could accommodate the latest technologies . Our plan was to create layers of security at each site using select technologies and automate some of our processes for checking-in and managing visitors . This would help our team work more efficiently in securing our sites and in keeping detailed audit trails .”
While the Genetec Security Center unified platform met key criteria , conversations with the Genetec team firmed up Telehouse ’ s decision . “ We wanted to partner with a company that would be responsive and value us as a customer . When we spoke to the Genetec team , they diligently answered our questions and provided lots of details , so we felt confident that we were choosing the right solution and a company that would support our security objectives ,” said Abdelmessih .
“ Investigations have been simplified with the use of Security Center . In the past , we had to pull up blueprints and maps to see which cameras were associated with a door . Using the map-based interface , we can quickly find doors and nearby cameras and see everything happening around them ,” said Abdelmessih .
The security team also benefited from the platform ’ s open architecture , adding a MAGOS radar perimeter detection system to spot potential threats at the property line . “ We ’ ve created a virtual fence around our sites . Now , if someone tries to cross our property boundaries , we ’ ll know right away ,” said Abdelmessih .
An intercom system further re-enforces security . Through the built-in Sipelia intercom module within Security Center , operators can now quickly initiate a two-way call if someone buzzes an intercom device at the front door or shipping docks . Live video automatically comes up on the monitor , so operators can also identify visitors or cardholders before choosing to grant or deny them access .
Streamlining visitor management with Genetec Clear ID
Within each facility , Telehouse has completely modernized the visitor management process . Not only did the security team install BioConnect fingerprint and facial recognition and Deister key management technologies , it also implemented Genetec ClearID . This physical identity and access management module allows Telehouse to automate visitor requests while keeping detailed audit trails of each visit . While some aspects of the application are still being finalized , Telehouse is keen to launch this upgrade and streamline its operations .
“ We wanted our customers to be able to dictate where and when their technicians or vendors would
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