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Data center managers are taking security to the next level by implementing robust physical security procedures for their facilities . Telehouse America , a leading IT provider , has strengthened its security capabilities by implementing Genetec ’ s solutions to modernize its offering .

Telehouse America strengthens security with Genetec

As the Internet evolved in the 1980s , Telehouse was busy building the infrastructure to support booming network operations . In 1989 , the company built the first-ever American data center in Staten Island , New York , US .

Since then , Telehouse has expanded to over 40 state-of-the-art data centers worldwide , offering over 4 million sq ft . of colocation space to thousands of customers . Beyond the 162,000 sq ft . flagship data center in Staten Island , Telehouse America also offers colocation centers in downtown New York and Los Angeles .
Moving away from outdated systems and processes
Security has always been mission-critical for Telehouse . The security team has consistently monitored video surveillance and access control systems 24 / 7 at each site to ensure customer data remains fully secured and protected .
The problem in the past was that the video and access control solutions weren ’ t connected . Security operators would move between applications , trying to piece information together during investigations .
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