Intelligent CIO North America Issue 17 - Page 59

How has Virtustream Healthcare Cloud enabled Seattle Children ’ s to focus on its changing business needs ?
We no longer have to think about the Epic system . From hardware to maintenance to upgrades , we no longer worry about these issues . We now focus our SMEs on the software configuration and utilization itself .
Can you explain how Virtustream has allowed Seattle Children ’ s to become more agile and to scale faster ?
Virtustream handles all technical upgrades , hardware , support and maintenance . They can grow our system almost immediately . We can now focus on the clinical side of the system . Prior to using Virtustream it would take months to add capacity , storage , CPU and we were only able to do a single upgrade per year with four hours of downtime . Now we can do four a year with one hour of downtime per upgrade .
How secure do you find the Virtustream Healthcare Cloud ?
Virtustream complies with our required healthcare security protocols and are fully signed off by our internal security team . We can actively test Disaster Recovery ( DR ). They stay up-to-date and train their staff accordingly . We no longer have to do these things .
How did you overcome some of the challenges faced over the migration process ?
Migration was a multidisciplinary collaborative effort between Virtustream and ourselves . Virtustream ’ s project management and communication was excellent and good communication helped to overcome any teething pains .
How has unifying two distinct platforms on the Virtustream Healthcare Cloud helped achieve more predictable costs ?
We now have a clear fixed annual pricing model , predictable for the next five years .
How has the solution fulfilled the needs of your IT team , medical staff and patients ?
Our partnership with Virtustream to date has been fruitful . We now focus on driving the benefits of the software without worrying about the uptime . We ’ ve achieved 99.999 % uptime in the first year – high availability means less clinical risk and better access for clinical staff to practice safely .
How has the solution coped with the compliance and healthcare regulations that you have to manage ?
The Virtustream solution has been in full compliance to date . We ’ ve been live for 12 months and it has remained stable and available . p




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