Intelligent CIO North America Issue 17 - Page 54

Lex Boost is the Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ) of Leaseweb USA . He is responsible for the development and execution of Leaseweb ’ s core vision and strategy across the United States . With over 20 years ’ experience in the digital industry , he has gained leadership experience from a broad range of organizations and cultures , including both B2B and B2C markets , in startups , as well as large corporations . however , the services and costs are shared between all customers , who benefit from economies of scale .
2 . Availability and Business Continuity
In a modern colocation setting , the hosting provider is responsible for ensuring that system and data availability remains unaffected by issues such as power outages .
For instance , backup power supplies , batteries and generators should form part of the standard approach for any well-designed data center . cost planning must also include availability , continuity , security and scalability – a long list where budgets can easily escalate . In a colocation data center ,
Providers should also be able to demonstrate that they regularly test these capabilities so users can have full confidence their infrastructure will remain available at all times .
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