Intelligent CIO North America Issue 17 - Page 51

Cloud has resulted in increased conversion rates , simple add-to-cart functionality and faster site speed . Shoppers can now browse and buy products more easily with new features including tailored product recommendations , a streamlined checkout experience that allows customers to click on any product image to purchase the product , as well as a next-generation chat feature that allows shoppers to video chat with associates seamlessly from the website .
• Marketing Cloud : Herman Miller is using Marketing Cloud Journey Builder to develop complex customer journeys and sophisticated email campaigns . By leveraging Interaction Studio , Herman Miller is also able to understand customer preferences across digital touchpoints ,
Delivering a consistent and immersive experience is key to driving customer loyalty .
use that data to help better personalize customer interactions and understand the impact of their strategies across channels .
• Sales Cloud : By using Sales Cloud , Herman Miller can better manage sales leads and opportunities across brands , monitor team performance , track sales insights and automate manual tasks through a single dashboard . With every sales user on the same platform , Sales Cloud will provide a single source of truth for Herman Miller ' s customers .
• Service Cloud : COVID-19 has only increased the demands on customer service teams as case numbers multiply . Herman Miller has easily managed this increased case volume with the help of Service Cloud .
• Experience Cloud : With Experience Cloud , Herman Miller is able to quickly manage and collaborate with dealers on projects like new store openings , new product lines and more , making it faster and easier for each dealer to sell their products successfully .
• Sustainability Cloud : Herman Miller is committed to making a positive impact on the environment . With Sustainability Cloud , Herman Miller is able to track its carbon footprint and other climaterelated initiatives it has in place to achieve its 2023 Earthright goals . p
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