Intelligent CIO North America Issue 17 - Page 41

FEATURE : AUTOMATION aspects of their businesses , including work styles , in the future ,” said Michael Ringman , CIO at TELUS International , a leading global customer experience and digital solutions provider .
“ When implemented and maintained properly , bots can help employees work more effectively and efficiently by undertaking simple , time-consuming tasks , which also drives cost savings for companies . Staying on the leading edge of the future of work with best-in-class technology , including bots and other automated solutions , can also help keep employees happy in their roles .
“ At TELUS International , the bots we employ are freeing up our team members ’ time to take advantage of learning and development opportunities and undertake more engaging work .
“ Finding ways to support employees is especially critical nowadays given the high risk of employee attrition in today ’ s labor market .”
The top three activities currently being automated by bots according to the survey are IT troubleshooting ( 57 %), data entry ( 45 %) and schedule management ( 44 %).
However , the most time-consuming work interactions that respondents want a bot to do for them are answering simple HR-related queries ( 50 %), communicating paycheck information ( 50 %) and confirming the receipt of emails ( 47 %).
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