Intelligent CIO North America Issue 17 - Page 20

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Businesses today are embracing hybrid multicloudbased IT deployment models at an increasing rate to improve agility and gain a competitive advantage .
However , expanding your data footprint across onpremises and cloud environments increases your organization ' s attack surface , which can result in new data security challenges .
Security teams are compelled to protect their organization ' s data , while struggling with limited visibility and reporting abilities . organizations exposed to a potential security breach and data exfiltration .
A security breach comes at a high cost to organizations . According to Ponemon , the average total cost of a data breach is $ 3.86 million , which takes into consideration multiple factors ranging from legal to brand equity , to loss of customers , among others ( Ponemon Institute , 2020 ). For this reason , organizations benefit from taking a proactive approach to data security and from having an incident response team and plan in place to help mitigate risk and reduce hacker dwell time in the case of a security incident .
Making matters more difficult , they can become inundated with data and cybersecurity point tools – each of which focus on specific environments or use cases , adding significant operational complexity .
Without a solution that can contextualize insights from multiple security tools , and separate the signal from the noise , threats and vulnerabilities can go undetected ,
The deployment of security tools that use automation , such as a Security Orchestration , Automation , and Response ( SOAR ) solution , can help mitigate risk and costs . The Guardium Integration Application for IBM Security SOAR Connects the data activity monitoring capabilities of lBM Security Guardium Data Protection with the incident response and automation capabilities of IBM Security SOAR .
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