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Matillion study highlights business cost of outdated data management data teams of time and labor that could be spent on strategic and analytical work .

“ Despite the acceleration of Digital Transformation over the past 18 months and high volume of data entering the enterprise , the survey results reveal that data integration practices remain outdated and primitive – creating tension among data teams and leaders and information gaps across the enterprise ,” said Matthew Scullion , CEO of Matillion .

New research has revealed that 75 % of data teams believe that outdated migration and maintenance processes are costing their organizations time , productivity and money .

The research , conducted on behalf of Matillion by independent research firm Vanson Bourne , suggests this problem potentially comes at an annual price tag of up to US $ 43.5 million .
The survey of 450 data decision-makers and data team members across the US and UK found that data teams report spending 57 % of their time , on average , on data migration and maintenance . This is in addition to depriving
“ In order to harness the power of data as a strategic asset , organizations need to reduce the time spent on manually refining , migrating and integrating data and the maintenance of those integration tasks . It ’ s critical for leaders to unburden data teams , increase their productivity , and widen the profile of users able to make data useful . Only in this way will they be able to respond to their businesses with the speed and agility they require and demand .”

Attacks on Operational Technology would ‘ damage ’ most US businesses

cyberattack on Operational Technology ( OT ) has the

A potential to ‘ damage ’ the overwhelming majority ( 83 %) of US organizations , according to a poll of 100 enterprise security leaders commissioned by Sapien Cyber .

The independent study , conducted by research house Norstat of US cybersecurity leads , including CISOs and CIOs , found that the overwhelming majority ( 88 %) recognize that the number of cybersecurity threats facing their business is increasing every year .
Despite 90 % of respondents working within US enterprises stating that they have evaluated the threats to Operational Technology such as heating , ventilation and air conditioning systems , less than one in 10 ( 8 %) say the physical security of OT environments is taken more seriously than IT networks .
Glenn Murray , Managing Director and CEO of Sapien Cyber , said : “ It is clear that any attack on critical infrastructure has the potential to cause untold disruption for many organizations . This isn ’ t just about taking a financial hit , but reputational risk and the potential of human fatalities as well .”
Recent evidence from the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Agency ( CISA ) suggests that cybercriminals are increasingly targeting Operational Technology with ransomware attacks , particularly against critical infrastructure .
Just over half ( 57 %) said that they treat physical and cybersecurity systems as equally important and 93 % stated that their building management system was a part of the organization ’ s cybersecurity strategy .
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