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75 % of surveyed CIOs struggle to unlock data insights within their organization

The survey , covering 1,000 CIOs from around the world , finds that although organizations are pushing to accelerate their Digital Transformation plans , three quarters ( 75 %) of respondents admit their organization is struggling to unlock data to drive a successful Digital Transformation strategy .
Building on this , the survey results reveal that less than half of respondents ( 48 %) use data to increase speed and agility in their operations and only a quarter of respondents use data to drive overall business strategy .
The most popular area for Digital Transformation was IT , with 81 % of organizations reporting accelerated activities in this department , demonstrating the importance of IT in building infrastructure that can support more agile , innovative operations across businesses .

While the large majority ( 98 %) of CIOs report that the pandemic accelerated their organizations ’ Digital Transformation plans , many ( 75 %) are unable to unlock their data to drive a successful Digital Transformation . These findings come from the 2021 Global CIO Survey commissioned by Logicalis , a global provider of Digital Transformation and cloud managed services .

The next most popular areas for Digital Transformation activities were operations and customer service , all of which benefit from data-led business strategy .
Data provides a tremendous opportunity for businesses , but legacy systems and processes have created information silos which organizations need to unlock to enable insights and innovation .

OutSystems provides tech skills to underrepresented communities

OutSystems , a global leader in modern application development , has announced new partnerships and programs that accelerate its long-standing commitment to education and building a diverse generation of developers .

With software needs multiplying for companies across all industries and an increasing shortage of developers , OutSystems is expanding its Developer Education Program to close the skills gap in development and technology . around the world ,” said Paulo Rosado , CEO and Founder of OutSystems . “ We ’ re accelerating our education-focused initiatives to support the industry-wide developer shortage , with a specific focus on traditionally under-represented communities . The world will be a better and more equitable place when diversity and development combine . We all have work to do to create a more diverse , inclusive and vibrant developer community .”
OutSystems has donated software licenses valued at over US $ 10 million – partnering with over 2,300 universities across 40 countries , training over 58,000 students who completed nearly 68,000 online courses that resulted in the creation of more than 9,000 personal environments and close to 6,500 apps built .
In addition , OutSystems built a rapidly growing global community of more than 500,000 developers to foster on-going collaboration and mentorship .
“ A core tenet of our mission to empower every organization to innovate through software is a dedicated focus on expanding the developer ecosystem and creating educational opportunities
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