Intelligent CIO North America Issue 15 - Page 84

Tim Grieveson , AVEVA ’ s Chief Information
Security Officer software solutions must incorporate security protection throughout the system design and development process , from inception through rigorous testing and validation to eliminate any vulnerabilities and comprehensively address cybersecurity challenges .
Automated software updates – Process interruptions and downtime need to be eliminated to maintain operational continuity , especially as industrial organizations embrace remote operations as well .
As technologies like AI rapidly evolve to integrate into the industrial passageway , cybersecurity issues will continue to be a key area of concern .
A comprehensive approach that anticipates and predicts cyberattacks can protect organizations from
security problems .
For industrial organizations on the road to digitization , cybersecurity issues can be addressed in three important ways , through a combination of intelligent design , cloud computing and Machine Learning .
Integrate security into all software solutions – Cybersecurity must be at the forefront of digitized processes and must be integrated into any solution that is deployed across the enterprise . Industrial
Keeping your security infrastructure up-to-date fixes critical vulnerabilities and fortifies industrial assets against cybercriminals . Automated updates equip industrial IT infrastructure with the latest security capabilities and bypass conventional barriers to software adoption , in the process , empowering industries to take advantage of leading technologies and respond quickly to changing market demands .
Deploy Artificial Intelligence technology against cyberthreats – Tools like the Unified Operations Center ( UOC ), AVEVA ' s market-leading performance management tool , can easily combine IT and OT products for enhanced cybersecurity protection . By using Machine Learning and AI to provide a centralized view of systems across the enterprise , decision-making is streamlined so that even the smallest anomaly is caught early , long before it can become something larger and more harmful .
As technologies evolve and cybercriminals abuse them for illicit profit , traditional one-size-fits-all approaches are no longer sufficient to protect organizations . Instead , companies must adopt a systematic , multi-layered approach that anticipates cyberattacks and protects data and other critical assets before they are exploited . p
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