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With an upsurge in demand and the growth of IoT devices , American Tower is experiencing the beginning of a boom that is expected to continue throughout the decade .

American Tower is recognized in the telecommunications market as a leader in terms of mobile telecommunications towers .

From this angle , its purpose is to establish a clear understanding of how to operate the various communication models existing in the global market , different in all countries , but with a common objective , which is to offer the best possible signal for users of mobile communication systems .
In addition to leasing space in wireless and signal in transmission towers , American Tower offers colocation solutions tailored to the demands of its customers , through indoor systems , outdoor distributed antenna systems , and other right-of-use options , rooftops , managed services and services that accelerate the network colocation process .
According to American Towers , the growth of IoT devices will go from US $ 155 million in 2020 to US $ 426 million in 2026 .
American Tower business operates in the United States , where it is based in Boston , Massachusetts , and in other countries including Germany , Argentina , Brazil , Chile , Colombia , Costa Rica , France , Ghana , India , Kenya , Mexico , Nigeria , Paraguay , Peru , South Africa and Uganda .
Investments and growing market
And this is just the beginning of a boom that is expected to continue throughout the decade .
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