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PDI offers cybersecurity with enhanced XDR service

PDI Software , a global provider of leading software for the convenience retail and petroleum wholesale industries , has announced new enhancements to its XDR services offering .

The enhancements follow PDI ’ s acquisition of Cybera and ControlScan in December 2020 , the creation of the PDI Security Solutions line of business and the continued integration of security capabilities across the company ’ s solutions portfolio .
PDI XDR Complete is a fully managed cybersecurity solution that utilizes extended detection and response capabilities to protect IT systems from advanced threats .
This agile monitoring service helps businesses prevent , detect and respond to cyberthreats 24 / 7 / 365 , enhancing security without consuming internal resources .
“ Faced with today ’ s sophisticated cyberthreats , you must be able to detect threats immediately and take action before they impact your business ,” said Mark Carl , Chief Security Officer , PDI Security Solutions ,
“ State-of-the art services such as XDR Complete feature 24 / 7 / 365 monitoring and leading-edge cybersecurity tools backed by a team of expertly trained professionals . The XDR enhancements are available as part of our comprehensive family of fully managed security services offerings .”
With the steadily rising volume of cyberattacks threatening all types of businesses – especially retailers with multiple locations and hybrid workforces – PDI remains vigilant about raising awareness and helping those businesses avoid becoming yet another statistic .
Unfortunately , several recent high-profile ransomware attacks have revealed common vulnerabilities that can contribute to increased exposure and business risk .
Chris Kissel , Research Director of Security and Trust Products , IDC , said : “ Most organizations don ’ t have the internal cybersecurity resources to adequately protect their IT systems and data . With the increased threat of ransomware and other advanced cyberthreats , they ’ re now looking for vendors who can deliver comprehensive solutions such as PDI ’ s managed XDR for C-store businesses . The ability to proactively monitor , detect and respond to threats is critical to business success .”
To address those threats , the new XDR enhancements include :
• Patch management . Outdated software is a key target vector for cyberattacks . This unique patch management solution proactively maintains the most upto-date security patches and critical operating system updates .
• Content filtering . With advanced filtering , businesses can better control web content across the enterprise , such as stopping bandwidth-intensive data streams , enforcing internal policies , meeting compliance requirements and guarding against known bad sites and protocols .
• Extensions for Office 365 / G-suite integration . The Office 365 / G-Suite Activity Monitoring service integrates into cloud email infrastructure and continually monitors to detect malicious activity , securing private and public cloud usage .
• Updates to device and host firewall controls . Device control enhancements empower businesses to restrict USB devices , such as storage thumb drives , to protect against malware insertion and data theft through those devices . Businesses can also gain universal and remote control over host firewalls ( such as Microsoft Windows ) to ensure appropriate policy enforcement across the enterprise . p
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