Intelligent CIO North America Issue 15 - Page 63

CASE STUDY clean-up and really tightened-up the network . It helped set the stage for deploying best practices to ensure that our essentials were working well .”
The health check and upgrade assistance were invaluable for auditing the existing platform , prioritizing and resolving vulnerabilities , aligning to best practices and expediting the upgrade .
The solution – next level DDI networking infrastructure from Infoblox




U of U Health modernized with Infoblox Trinzic next level physical and virtual appliances supporting internal and external DNS , DHCP on campus with high availability pairing and redundant failover associations and higher capacity anycast boxes in multiple locations . The team also upgraded its physical reporting and analytics appliance to a virtual , scalable solution for greater network alerting , visibility and predictive modeling .
To manage network traffic across its environment , it deployed DNS Traffic Control for Global Server Load Balancing – an effective solution to ensure that applications were available and performing to expectations , and new applications were easily deployed and managed .
To address its security needs , U of U Health selected and plans to implement BloxOne Threat Defense including the security ecosystem for its FireEye threat detection integration , cybersecurity attack protection and malicious software risk mitigation . Upgrading the network provided local control , reliability , redundancy and streamlined workflows needed to meet patient care and academic objectives .
The result – a more reliable platform for patient care
The Infoblox network infrastructure upgrade enabled U of U Health to achieve its objectives in continuing a full range of quality health care and academic services to patients , medical students and faculty across the regional health network .
Customer : Utah research and teaching hospital with over 1,400 physicians and 5,000 employees delivering primary care and over 200 specialty health services through five hospitals and a dozen neighborhood health centers .
• It ensured availability and modernized physical infrastructure by improving reliability and redundancy .
• It delivered highly performing and available , locally controllable networks distributed across data centers and locations .
Challenge : Modernize outdated DNS / DHCP / IPAM ( DDI ) network infrastructure , boost performance of physical and virtualized infrastructure , improve service availability , reliability , redundancy and capacity across a geographically distributed network .
Solution : Infoblox Core DDI , DNS Health Check , DNS Traffic Control ( DTC ) for Global Server Load Balancing .
Outcomes : Modernized infrastructure with better reliability , high performance internal and external DNS now distributed across data centers and locations , modern workforce transition and Business Continuity from on-site to remote locations without an outage during COVID-19 , efficient critical infrastructure software upgrades completed without disruptions or outages .
As a result , the Infoblox upgrade increased visibility and control , simplified zone management , setup domains for new facilities , delivered efficient critical infrastructure software upgrades without disruptions , improved the security posture and enabled a tomorrow-ready platform for new service and location scalability . Most importantly , it enabled IT staff to deliver a reliable platform for patient care and be able to focus on higher value security and reporting initiatives knowing that core network services were stable and reliable .
Carsey added : “ You can ’ t do the bells and whistles until the basics are done , and things are working well . In spite of all of the demands , we ’ ve been even more productive and haven ’ t missed a beat . People are happier when things are working correctly , and it affords us more time for higher-level tasks like hardening our security , improving traffic management and getting more insights from our reporting .” p
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