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A centralized , dedicated SSL decryption capability makes it possible to provide visibility into network traffic for each element of the cybersecurity stack without the inefficiencies and performance penalties of device-by-device decryption and re-encryption . Similarly , a centralized approach to management can help organizations ensure consistent and efficient policy enforcement across the security infrastructure .
As a strategy rather than a product category , Zero Trust implementation requires more than simply plugging in a new box . Rather , it
Babur Nawaz Khan , Technical Marketing Engineer at A10 Networks
In practice , this means measures such as :
• Moving beyond the idea of inside versus outside and redesigning cyberdefense in terms of secure microparameters , with multiple points of network defense
• Implementing the ability to control , inspect and restrict network traffic travelingin any direction – north – south or east – west – within your organization
• Subjecting users to checks and balances , each time they cross into a different area of the network or try to access a new set of resources , to verify their need and privileges
• Ensuring timeliness and preventing excess privileges from accumulating by periodically revoking and refreshing access and credentials
• Continuously monitoring who ’ s accessing what and the level of risk these activities might present
Why SSl inspection is critical for Zero Trust
As organizations move to implement Zero Trust , they quickly run into the issue of visibility in a world of pervasive TLS / SSL encryption . To enable fast threat detection and response times , it ’ s essential to be able to decrypt , inspect and re-encrypt network traffic quickly and efficiently at scale without impairing cost or adding complexity . represents a new way of thinking about cybersecurity , embodied in evolving approaches to management , automation , auditability , resiliency and integration . By approaching Zero Trust in this way , organizations can mitigate the security risks endemic in the new normal , and better protect their business from threats of all kinds . p




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