Intelligent CIO North America Issue 15 - Page 45

• 64 % of workers are using more communication and collaboration tools than they were prior to the pandemic , with 33 % touching 10 – 20 per day , and
• 71 % say these tools have made work more complex
A new digital divide is emerging
Workstyles have fundamentally changed , and people are not going back to working the way they did . Work Your Way confirms this . Nearly 90 % of respondents to the survey say they want the flexibility to continue to work at home and in the office post pandemic – and they will work differently in both locations .
• 46 % of decision makers surveyed believe offices will become hubs for team collaboration , connection and innovation , while working from home will focus on individual activities , and
• 49 % of employees agree
Regardless of their physical location , employees need to be empowered with tools that provide a consistent , secure and reliable experience and allow them to work the way they work best .
Shared digital workspaces are the future of work
The fully remote work model forced by the pandemic has in many ways leveled the playing field . In a remote work world , everyone appears in equal boxes on the screen and has the same access to information and opportunities to contribute to a project .
To effectively narrow the digital divide that hybrid work threatens to open , companies must establish a shared digital workspace that provides a common and transparent environment in which teams have consistent access to applications and information
As companies move toward hybrid models , they must maintain this consistent , inclusive and equal experience to ensure that no employee is at a disadvantage because of their work location and reap the improvements in effectiveness and productivity that more flexible work models can drive .
At the end of the day , technology is killing the employee experience .
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