Intelligent CIO North America Issue 15 - Page 43

Why do some organizations consider Zero Trust as an essential part of their security strategy ?
I think that is because security leadership has gravitated to the concept that if they continue to do the same thing that everyone else has that already failed , they will as well . They see the value in a new more focused approach and can sell that strategy internally .
How can a Zero Trust security framework make a real difference in the security posture of the organizations that adopt it ?
The value of a framework in any context , especially in a space as diverse as cybersecurity , is that it helps you understand ‘ what goes where ’. That ’ s why I created the Zero Trust eXtended ( ZTX ) Ecosystem framework years ago , to help leaders translate technology into specific use cases and that helped Zero Trust take off .
Why has Identity and Access Management proven to be so popular ?
Everything in IT revolves around access and privileges . No firewall has ever hacked itself , as far as I know . A user or administrator had to have an account to change settings on that device for things to go wrong . So , if you fix or work to fix Identity and Access Management you are addressing a key area of exploitation and you gain a lot of ground quickly .
What developments do you expect to see in the Identity and Access Management market in the next few years ?
The use of self-sovereign identity and biometrics will be further integrated into the Identity and Access Management lifecycle and technology space and those organizations and users that adopt these solutions will be able to have fully verified and secured access management across any infrastructure .
Why were some respondents of the survey unconfident in their abilities to successfully implement Zero Trust solutions ?
Many organizations are already further along in their Zero Trust journey than they realize , especially those who are in heavily compliant verticals . They have been working towards Zero Trust for a long time without even realizing it , so they have a lead on the market . And that can be tied to organizations that are adopting integrated useable Zero Trust solutions that are broadly applicable which also helps expedite the move to Zero Trust . p
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