Intelligent CIO North America Issue 15 - Page 41

FEATURE : IDENTITY AND ACCESS MANAGEMENT indicated that they consider Zero Trust to be an essential strategy for their organizations , according to Dr Cunningham .
Almost all respondents believe that adopting a Zero Trust cybersecurity approach was essential in preventing or limiting the success of cyberattacks .
As far as where they plan to start their Zero Trust security programs , the most popular area of initial focus was Identity and Access Management , followed by Network Security and Web Security .
While respondents were bullish on the necessity of adopting a Zero Trust security approach , they are less confident in their abilities to successfully implement solutions .
Over 70 % feel that having a partner to help implement Zero Trust would speed the process , while budget restrictions and prioritization of other strategic security initiatives are most likely to delay Zero Trust programs from the business perspective .
Dr Chase Cunningham , Chief Strategy Officer , Ericom www . intelligentcio . com INTELLIGENTCIO NORTH AMERICA 41