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A survey from Ericom Software reveals four out of five organizations plan to begin their Zero Trust security solution rollout within 12 months but key challenges complicate adoption .

Ericom Software , a leader in cloud cybersecurity solutions for secure web and application access and developer of the ZTEdge Cloud Security Platform , has announced publication of the results of its inaugural Zero Trust Market Dynamics Survey .

This was conducted by Dr Chase Cunningham , Ericom ’ s Chief Strategy Officer and former Forrester Analyst , focused on Zero Trust security .
The survey was designed to assess the market ’ s perception of the Zero Trust security framework , explore organizations ’ plans for adoption and implementation and identify key issues that are inhibiting their moves to Zero Trust .
Over a decade after the Zero Trust security concept was first introduced , survey results indicate that Zero Trust solutions are being widely adopted . Spurred by the recent sharp increase in ransomware and other sophisticated cyberattacks , the majority of organizations – 80 % – have concrete plans to enable Zero Trust security solutions within the next year , with over half planning to begin implementation during 2021 .
Of the almost 1,300 security and risk professionals who participated in the July 2021 survey , 83 %

Survey reveals Zero Trust adoption appealing but challenging

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