Intelligent CIO North America Issue 15 - Page 21

LATEST INTELLIGENCE provide continuous control over the usage of that data . Furthermore , some solutions behave as loosely managed point products , requiring multiple endpoint agents for different security services , leading to sprawl and conflicts among the agents .
Data-first SASE
Advantages : Putting data first in a SASE approach provides continuous control over how data is used in addition to giving users safe access to data . Moreover , some SASE solutions have evolved to understand how users interact with data , digital , and physical systems and identify behaviors that create risk and could lead to breaches . Putting data at the center of SASE enables automated enforcement of security policies based on the risk each user presents in any given moment . The goal of data-first SASE is to make such enforcement uniform everywhere – on endpoints , in the network , on the web , and in the cloud , making this approach ideal for distributed enterprises where employees work and use cloud services beyond corporate walls . p
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