Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 86 | Page 23



Make-To-Order Manufacturing
Driving growth through greater visibility and insight

Make-to-order ( MTO ) manufacturers operate in a dynamic landscape where a number of trends – new and old – are shaping the future . You need to keep pace with these changes and take advantage of them – or risk falling behind .

In this eBook , we introduce five of the key trends . We also look at how an enterprise resource planning ( ERP ) solution can help you address them by delivering greater visibility and insight . As a result , you ’ ll be able to :
• Deliver a great customer experience
• Make operations as efficient as possible
• Drive business growth and profitability
MTO manufacturers must profitably address a “ market or lot of one ” with a customised product . As several overlapping trends reshape the landscape , a big question looms for MTO manufacturers . Will you struggle with increased competition , or will you take advantage and become more competitive ? p
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