Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 84 | Page 83

The benefits are clear and demand is starting to snowball , so how can organisations unlock the advantages that Digital Twins offer ?
Frictionless by design
The goal for any organisation should be to connect the dots between all the different teams , from the C-suite to the suppliers , employees and everything in between . Doing so enables a seamless flow of information and fosters collaboration , producing a well-oiled frictionless machine which we call a ‘ Frictionless Enterprise ’.
Digital Twins offer the perfect remedy for ironing out the crinkles – or ‘ frictions ’ – across an enterprize ’ s business operations . Complete realtime visibility across all departments can be used to monitor , analyse , and identify inefficiencies or specific bottlenecks from the happy path ( industry benchmarks ). Understandably , organisations will initially look to address any repetitive pain points , business-threatening challenges ( e . g ., invoices fDor crucial elements for production are not paid on time ), or clear strategic issues because that ’ s the quickest way to see results . But the key is to develop a strong , well-defined , future-proof vision that is backed by managerial commitment . So at the end , thanks to Digital Twins you can prove the change as everyone forgets how the as-is process was .
It ’ s essential to build a clear roadmap to help ensure that the necessary resources , workforce and funding are allocated appropriately . This is especially critical for those looking to avoid ‘ pilot purgatory ’ and can be achieved by defining a limited number of use cases that have the highest potential value and then seeing them through to completion . The learnings
Implementation of the technology is set to increase by 36 % on average over the next five years .
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