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Pure Storage extends leadership in sustainability

Lure Storage , an IT pioneer that delivers some of the world ’ s most advanced data storage technology and services , has announced advancements in its sustainability efforts , helping customers dramatically reduce their energy use and environmental footprint .

Sustainability has been a part of Pure Storage ’ s DNA from its inception as a disruptive innovator in the storage industry . As sustainability and energy savings become increasingly critical to organisations around the globe , Pure is continuing to invest in helping customers achieve their environmental and energy reduction goals .
The new Pure1 Sustainability Assessment gives customers visibility on their environmental impact and proactively suggests optimisation opportunities . Features include :
Power savings analysis : Pure1 will show the power used compared to the appliance ’ s nominal power load . Customers can monitor power consumption efficiency for an entire fleet , by data centre site or at the individual array . the launch of the FlashBlade // S family of products , Pure is delivering more than double the power efficiency of previous versions .
Because of unique design decisions – including Pure ’ s DirectFlash technology , built-for-flash software , always-on deep compression and Evergreen architecture – both FlashBlade and FlashArray can achieve energy savings unlike any competitive storage systems on the market .
Since reporting its first sustainability results in March 2022 , Pure Storage has now performed use phase sustainability analysis following the Life Cycle Assessments ( LCA ) formula across its full portfolio of storage arrays , including the new FlashBlade // S . Pure delivers :
• 84.7 % in direct energy savings vs . competitive all-flash for FlashArray // X
• 80 % in direct energy savings vs . competitive all-flash for FlashArray // XL
• 75 % in direct energy savings vs . competitive hybrid for FlashArray // C
• 67 % in direct energy savings vs . competitive legacy all-flash for FlashBlade // S
• 60 % in direct energy savings vs . competitive upstart all-flash for FlashBlade // S
As a customer-first organisation , Pure Storage is focused on making a real and immediate impact in reducing customers ’ environmental footprints .
“ Pure FlashBlade has helped us make tremendous progress in NTU ’ s supercomputing projects ,” said Alvin Ong , CIO , Nanyang Technological University , Singapore . “ It has also freed up computing resources and enabled us to optimise rack space usage , leading to improved power and cooling efficiencies . With Pure Evergreen // Forever , we also foresee a positive environmental benefit by not having to undergo wholesale hardware changes during technology refreshes .” p
Greenhouse gas emissions monitor : Pure1 provides direct carbon usage estimates based on power used .
Assessment : Customers can use Pure1 to assess how to improve power efficiency by metering watts per unit of data on the array that can be read back .
Recommendations : Pure1 provides proactive insights and guidance on improving direct carbon footprint .
In addition to delivering new sustainability tools , Pure continues to advance its core products to be more sustainable . With
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