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IBM and MBZUAI join forces to advance AI research with new centre of excellence

of AI to help solve some of humanity ’ s greatest challenges .
Professor Eric Xing , President of MBZUAI , said : “ We ’ re excited to be among the first research universities in the MENA region to host a Center of Excellence for AI research and development with technology and expertise from a world-leading technological giant like IBM . This center will provide highly valuable resource and collaborative environment to our faculty and students to broaden their work in AI . IBM has a long history of technological innovation , and we look forward to joining their latest efforts in our region .”

Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial

Intelligence ( MBZUAI ) – the world ’ s first graduate , research university dedicated to Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) – has announced plans for a strategic collaboration with IBM .
Senior leaders from both organisations signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at advancing fundamental AI research , as well as accelerating the types of scientific breakthroughs that could unlock the potential
Saad Toma , General Manager , IBM Middle East and Africa , said : “ This collaboration will help drive innovations in AI which is critical for the future of business and society . We ’ re bringing together some of the brightest minds across both the industry and academia .”

Cisco study reveals how hybrid working has improved UAE employees ’ performance

Hybrid working practices in UAE companies have improved several areas of employee performance , according to the findings of the new Cisco Hybrid Work Report .

The survey polled 1,050 employees throughout the UAE and discovered that almost 90 % of those questioned want to work either in a hybrid or fully remote model in the future . These findings are fully in line with global sentiment with just over 91 % of international respondents agreeing to the same question .
The findings are from the Cisco Hybrid Work Report , an extensive study which has examined the impact of digitisation and hybrid work on performance with a focus on productivity , quality of work , new skills and growth . It is part of a wide-ranging survey that focused on the role of the hybrid workplace on wellbeing and readiness across a variety of company and individual factors such as company culture ; technology ; and cybersecurity as well as financial ; physical ; mental well-being and more .
Reem Asaad , Vice President , Middle East and Africa , Cisco , said : “ The traditional model that required employees to follow a strict timetable set out by employers has now changed . In today ’ s UAE workplace , employees are defining hybrid work and that has
Reem Asaad , Vice President , Middle East and Africa , Cisco
resulted in benefits for both employer and employees . After all , they will be the ones to benefit through higher staff performance .”
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