Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 82 | Page 44

Digital Transformation is no longer a question of sinking or swimming over an extended period , but of sinking or swimming now .
Naji Kazak , Managing Director EMEA , Kodak Alaris

How Digital Transformation technologies can drive remote work strategies

Remote work seems to be here to stay , and Digital Transformation will continue to facilitate it . For companies that haven ’ t embraced it , now is the time to invest in Digital Transformation strategies . Naji Kazak , Managing Director EMEA at Kodak Alaris tells us more about remote work and the technologies that spur Digital Transformation .

COVID-19 has been a massive catalyst for Digital Transformation , but companies need to do more than implement short-term solutions that enable remote work . Businesses with an eye to fully automated workflows will enjoy benefits that far outlast the pandemic .

Work from home : work must go on
Working from home isn ’ t exactly new , but the need to work from home is . When it became apparent that social distancing would be a key tactic to slow the spread of COVID-19 , immediately closing office buildings was the natural response .
In fact , it is likely that companies ’ familiarity with remote work – if only on an occasional basis – has smoothed the rapid transition and enabled ongoing operations .
However , this urgency has served as a sort of doubleedged sword . While it is responsible for the rapid transition to remote work policies , it is also responsible for quick fixes that may do more to hinder than help workflows in the long run .
No one knew how long closures would last , and so many companies settled on easy solutions for what would surely be short-term needs – for example , digitising paper-based information so that employees
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