Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 82 | Page 29

INFOGRAPHIC streams – what we call ‘ data in motion ’ – enables continuous movement and processing of data for better workflows , more automation , real-time analytics and differentiated digital customer experiences . This technology is crucial for organisations to compete and win in the digital-first world .”
This is the first global industry report that focuses on tech leaders ’ experience with data in motion , exploring topics like the benefits they experience , the roadblocks they face with widespread adoption , and the role they believe real-time data streaming will ultimately play in their success . Key findings include :
• Data in motion boosts customer engagement and the bottom line
• Most leaders have access to some degree of real-time data streams ( 97 %), but those with widespread access ( 66 %) see higher revenues .
• A large segment ( 63 %) of those with widespread access to real-time data saw an annual revenue growth of 10 % or more between 2020 and yearend 2021 , despite the global pandemic .
• Eight in 10 IT leaders say that real-time data streams are very , or extremely , important when it comes to building rich customer experiences .
• Real-time data streaming is essential , but challenging without the right technology
• 60 % of IT leaders say difficulties integrating multiple data sources are the biggest hurdle to accessing more real-time data – nearly twice as many respondents as those who cited a lack of budget .
• 76 % of IT leaders said the timely integration of real-time data from different applications is important for critical processes within their organisation . But nearly half ( 40 %) reported difficulty integrating data in a timely way .
• Two out of three organisations ( 68 %) say it ’ s challenging to even find the data they need to build real-time applications .
• Success in the cloud demands secure data streaming between clouds
• Only 39 % of respondents say they ’ re ‘ completely prepared ’ to operate in a hybrid cloud environment , where some of their data is in the cloud and some still on-premises .
• While multi-cloud is common , 32 % of IT leaders struggle to synchronize data between storage environments effectively .
• Of companies operating on-premises , 69 % report security concerns like ensuring data protection , losing control of data security , and / or threats of being hacked as their top reasons for hesitating to move to the cloud . p
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