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sSituation overview

The infusion of digital technologies into all aspects of society and business is a permanent shift . Using cloud and edge infrastructure , all industries are harnessing the power of data and digital tools to improve efficiency , sustainability , and safety and security . Embracing this shift and developing a strategy to navigate the digital-first world are choices that differentiate business leaders and set the foundation for rapid innovation and improvement . Many industries are well on their way to realising the benefits of digitally enabled , connected operations . Access to IT services , whether in the cloud , in a company data centre , or in a myriad of edge locations , is a foundational and essential element to enabling the shift to digitally enhanced , connected operations .
Understanding the need for digitalfirst connected operations
The shift to digital first is happening across all aspects of business , including operations , which IDC defines as the job functions and activities responsible for the safe , secure , reliable , and efficient execution of a physical process central to an organisation ’ s business . These operations can include producing and / or moving goods or services and maintaining assets , infrastructure , or facilities . Significant opportunities exist to improve business outcomes in operations using connected technology . Companies that primarily create value through these types of operational activities are deep in Digital Transformation to enable digital-first , connected operations . The connected operations transformation is the journey to :
• Monitor and conduct operations remotely .
• Improve efficiency of operations and reduce risk through the intelligent use of data .
• Improve worker safety with greater situational awareness .
• Enhance physical and cybersecurity with cloudbased analysis .
• Drive toward more sustainable operating models .
These are just some of the outcomes , all made possible through the infusion of digital technology into operations .
This transformation is achievable by using a mix of technology such as sensors , power and connectivity , Edge Computing , and cloud computing . These technologies digitise and connect operational assets and data across traditional silos and apply analytics to yield insights – all managed and executed through distributed remote and on-site working models . For example , in a school setting where IT resources are not locally available , remote IT experts may be able to detect a cybersecurity threat and prevent it to keep students safe and secure and classrooms online . In a manufacturing plant , analytics driven by sensor data on critical infrastructure may be able to predict and prevent unplanned downtime . p
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