Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 81 - Page 83

Smart meets digital at the Edge – smart conference rooms , smart assembly lines , smart menu ordering , smart stadiums and a range of technology-enabled smart experiences . The opportunity at the Edge is driven by many things , including smart applications powered by Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) and Machine Learning ( ML ), mobile devices , Internet of Things ( IoT ) technologies , data analysis , next-generation Wi-Fi , 5G communications and ‘ edge-to-cloud computing .’
The new edge network combines AI , ML and automation to continuously learn , predict and adapt to changes , needs and threats in real time . The new edge network utilises technologies and software to make sense of the resulting insights , enabling businesses to act and respond , optimising the experience for the customer or user wherever they are .
Pushing intelligence out to the Edge will drive change in the design of our products , services , processes and organisations and transform how decisions get made – giving greater autonomy to the devices at the Edge .
Transformational aspects of Edgebased strategies
Edge-based strategies are driving five critical shifts shaping the future of business and work :
1 . User empowerment – The technologies are enabling a fundamental redesign of the user experience – be they customer , student , patient , or employee – giving users the tools to define what
Capturing the Edge opportunity requires radical shifts in strategic thinking , an investment in developing deep digital experiences , experimentation with new business and revenue models .
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