Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 81 - Page 82


Preparing businesses for the next wave of Digital Transformation

Jacob Chacko , Regional Director – Middle East , Saudi and South Africa at Aruba , a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company , tells us why Networking at the Edge is one key technological shift IT leaders can ’ t afford to ignore .

The C-suite and business leaders understand the value of technology and the benefits it can bring to their bottom line , but there is one key technological shift on the horizon that they can ’ t afford to ignore – Networking at the Edge .

Over the next few years , organisations in every industry will experience change on an unprecedented scale as people , digital devices , smart technologies and an ever-expanding network come together to transform commerce , work , education , healthcare , recreation and more .
A whole new range of possibilities emerges when we can engage with literally every device and build intelligence and connectivity into physical objects such as office furniture and clothing . The path to 2030 will spawn new customer-centric businesses , enable entire new industries and reinvent existing ones , challenge us to adapt and evolve and facilitate greater access , equity and inclusion across every aspect of society – this is the potential of the Edge .
We define the Edge as the new experiences being enabled by edge technologies for customers , employees , students , patients and any users of network services . Edge technologies allow the processing of data by devices at the Edge of networks , which is where users and devices are . It is where things connect to the network , whether they are wired or wireless . The Edge is where actions take place . Over time , these actions at the Edge will become smarter .
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