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Saudi Arabia ’ s Ministry of Health embraces multi-cloud approach to boost healthcare Services

Saudi Arabia ’ s Ministry of Health ( MoH ) has deployed multi-cloud solutions from VMware to digitally transform the country ’ s public healthcare sector . The MoH can now offer secure , cloud-based services to public healthcare providers including hospitals , clinics and pharmacies , significantly boosting its efficiency and enabling them to grow and innovate .

MoH is responsible for the country ’ s public healthcare service which caters for a growing population of more than 35 million people . MoH accelerated the transformation of its IT systems with the onset of COVID-19 which has added strain on healthcare systems and increased the need for robust applications , such as booking platforms for vaccinations and remote access to patient records .
MoH simplified its IT infrastructure by deploying VMware Cloud Foundation as the unifying platform for its cloud environment , spreading workloads across the clouds of service providers including STC and Mobily .
“ The Ministry of Health seeks to achieve the highest levels of excellence in healthcare in line with the aims of Saudi Vision 2030 . This means having the best multi-cloud foundation to optimise operations , raise efficiency and drive innovation across the country ’ s healthcare providers ,” said Eng . Khalid Almedbel , CIO ,
Ministry of Health . “ Thanks to our Digital Transformation with VMware , all public healthcare providers will have access to best-in-class cloud services that will improve operations and boost healthcare provision for citizens and residents .”
With VMware Cloud Foundation , MoH benefits from a complete set of highly secure software-defined services for compute , storage , network , security , Kubernetes and cloud management . When the solution is fully deployed , Saudi Arabia ’ s public healthcare system will benefit from the resilience , agility and efficiency afforded by the shared cloud platform . Each healthcare facility will have access to virtual infrastructure and ‘ As-a-Service ’ applications and will also be able to design and deploy applications from the cloud , giving them the freedom to innovate and provide world-class services to patients .
“ The Ministry of Health ’ s transformation with VMware shows the power of multi-cloud to re-invent healthcare with highly efficient use of resources and unleash new levels of agility and innovation ,” said VMware Saudi Arabia Country Director , Saif Mashat .
“ We look forward to working in partnership with the MoH as it continues to move workloads to the new environment and offer more cloud-enabled services to healthcare providers across the country .”
In the coming months , the MoH is planning to deploy more VMware solutions including VMware Carbon Black for additional cybersecurity , VMware Workspace One for secure distributed working and Tanzu to enable Kubernetes in vSphere , which will bring additional application development capabilities to Saudi Arabia ’ s public healthcare providers . p
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