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Studying the roadmaps and plans of our technology partners like SAP also helps to keep HSA ahead of the curve by revealing potential next steps and matching the needs of our organisation with their new offerings . This process empowers our leaders through awareness and knowledge to be more open to supporting new solutions in the technology space .
Where is HSA Yemen at in terms of its Digital Transformation journey and what is the digital roadmap for the group ’ s operations going forward ?
We are delighted with the progress that we have made thus far as part of our digital transformation journey and feel optimistic about the pace at which we will continue to onboard new and exciting technologies . Moving forward , we are adopting a phased process of implementation , utilisation and enhancement . Most of our companies / functions are at the utilisation stage with the new software , but others , such as our HR function using SuccessFactors , have already successfully deployed the relevant technology and we are now working with those teams to shift our focus to enhancement across multiple companies .
What has improved following the SAP technology deployment and how has that impacted the overall business at HSA Yemen ?
Implementing SAP technology has improved our ability to make data-driven decisions and consolidate data . The adoption of new services , such as the analytics cloud , has enabled the collection of data broadly across the business – which is very important in a group of over 70 companies . By using the new technologies and associated knowledge-building exercises , HSA ’ s leaders are now able to take a holistic view of all business activities , assess the impact of different scenarios and make informed decisions accordingly . The technology awareness sessions led by SAP have also provided an opportunity for our senior team to gain an insight into new developments and consider future avenues for growth .
Did you have to train employees following this SAP technology deployment ?
We are constantly striving to improve levels of expertise within Yemen . Over the last three years , HSA IT professionals have participated in more than 200 external courses to develop their skills and keep up to date with the latest international developments . We have also invested in training programmes for young Yemenis through SAP ’ s YPP programme – which is funded by HSA in Yemen – and in the new academies that we are setting up with Cisco in five Yemeni universities to train young graduates . Through this partnership , we will educate the next generation of Yemeni IT professionals , many of whom will gain a Cisco certification as part of the initiative .
What is next following the implementation of SAP business applications solutions and what can your customers expect going forward now that HSA Yemen has deployed the latest technology ?
Our next step is to finalise the implementation and rollout of the SAP business solutions to our companies in Yemen . By the end of 2023 , we aim to have a further eight companies operating S4HANA and anticipate that 14 companies will have adopted SAP Business ByDesign in Yemen . In addition , our goal is to have established group reporting , and SAC and Ariba programs to support our finance and procurement teams respectively , by the beginning of 2023 .
We will also be implementing our final two SuccessFactor modules : recruiting and onboarding , which will complete this landmark project that has revolutionised HR processes for over 18,000 of our employees , helping them to own their careers at HSA . The impact of this implementation has been immediately clear , with HSA recognised by the Top Employers ’ Institute as a Top Employer for 2022 for the Group ’ s Digital and HR successes .
It has been rewarding to see that our partnership with SAP has proven to be so effective at not only transforming our business operations for the better , but also providing another means by which HSA can continue to support its employees and contribute to their development and progress . Moving forward , maintaining our keen interest in technological developments and seeking partners who share our belief in doing well by doing good remain high on our agenda . p
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