Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 81 - Page 50

Aerial landscape of Abu Dhabi capital improving the speed of diagnosis , supporting clinical decision-making and reducing medication duplications and errors , together with improving efficiency of the healthcare system .
Dr Martin Lascano , Chief Medical Informatics Officer , Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi , and member of the Malaffi Clinical Advisory Committee , said : “ At Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi , our patient-centric model involves multidisciplinary teams so it is critical that all caregivers know and understand the patient ’ s needs . Wherever they have received prior treatment in Abu Dhabi , Malaffi now allows our caregivers to have a much clearer picture of the medical history of the patient we are seeing , which improves patient experience and helps us establish a trust-based relationship . We are
working closely with the team at Malaffi on continual improvements of the system and maximising its potential in a way that will help us provide better care . Patients are thrilled to know that we now have such a system in Abu Dhabi and it reassures them that they are taken care of in the best possible way .”
Key to the success of Malaffi is the ease with which the platform has integrated into hospitals ’ existing EMR systems . In a survey of healthcare providers by KLAS Research , a company which engages with end-users to gather insights aimed at improving healthcare delivery , Malaffi stakeholders were universally satisfied with the system . They reported seeing positive outcomes in terms of prevention of repetitive testing , higher quality and more accurate care and easy access to patient data from other providers . Almost 25 % reported noticing immediate outcomes and over 50 % have seen outcomes within just six months . Organisations confirmed that the data they have access to provides real value and are looking forward to continued feature developments . p
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