Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 81 - Page 46

With many companies now choosing hybrid cloud , it ’ s never been more essential to ensure data can be shared and updated effectively between systems both on- and off-cloud .
with Kafka comes in . It ’ s a fact that over 70 % of the Fortune 500 use Kafka in some shape or form .
With data streaming , instead of directly sending data to every system and machine that might require it , data is added to a system that any machine can access , in real time . Incorporating event streaming through Kafka removes the challenges brought about by data exchange for systems running on large-scale microservices .
Because Kafka is open architecture , it can run wherever it is required – in the data centre , on the edge , or in the cloud . This means it can pull in data from all over the company , regardless of where it sits . Event streaming instantly links all company data , wherever it ’ s stored , enabling data exchange to smoothly and securely flow in large hybrid cloud solutions .
As customer expectations continue to rise and IT requirements become increasingly complex , businesses must do everything they can to prioritise integrated , effective solutions . And it ’ s not enough simply to choose and implement a new hybrid cloud model . Hybrid cloud is a smart way to provide the exceptional customer experience required today , but connecting , sharing , and integrating data from many different systems is a challenge that needs to be overcome . Embracing data streaming through Kafka can provide an effective solution that ensures businesses don ’ t get left behind the competition . p
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