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It is essential for technologists to implement a cloud-native observability solution .
such as Site Reliability Engineers ( SRE ), DevOps and CloudOps , that have new and different skill sets , mindsets and ways of working compared to other functions within IT . As such , they require a completely different kind of technology to track and analyse availability and performance data . They need a solution that is truly customised to the needs of cloud-native technology stack to decipher short-lived microservices interactions with one another and which can be long gone once troubleshooting is done .
SRE and DevOps teams need a solution that embraces open standards , giving a full-stack , correlated view of all telemetry data across the technology stack , most notably , Open Telemetry . Technologists need to be able to collect all telemetry across the stack and domains and then analyse all that telemetry data , since it is interconnected and interdependent at once . A standards driven solution is essential to future-proof organisations for the next decade and beyond .
Technologists also need a solution that allows them to monitor the health of key business transactions that are distributed across their technology landscape . If an issue is detected , they need to follow the thread of the business transaction ’ s telemetry data , so they can quickly determine the root cause of issues , with fault domain isolation and triage the issue to the correct teams for expedited resolution .
Finally , technologists should be looking for a solution that combines observability with advanced AIOps functionality . They need to leverage the power of AIOps and business intelligence to prioritise actions for their cloud environments . In the future , organisations will utilise AI assisted issue detection and diagnosis with insights for faster troubleshooting . Ultimately , it allows technologists to focus more quickly on what really matters , where and why it happened .
Over the last two years we have seen a seismic evolution in applications and technologists need to ensure that their monitoring capabilities keep pace . From understanding how highly distributed cloudnative applications work and predicting incidents , to adopting new ways to gather vast amounts of MELT telemetry data , teams across ITOps , DevOps , CloudOps and SREs need contextual insights that provide business context deep within the tech stack .
Only with the right cloud-native observability solution in place , will IT teams and their organisations be able to optimise the benefits of modern applications , driving enhanced digital experiences for customers and improved business outcomes . p
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