Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 81 - Page 29

Positive impact of government mandates
It is not only company measures against cyberattacks that are in the spotlight . Due to the sheer scope and sophistication of the global cybercrime industry , governments are becoming increasingly aware of the devastating impact of such attacks on businesses and critical infrastructure .
In response , governments around the world are stepping up their measures to protect citizens and critical infrastructure from cyberattacks . And the respondents expect high levels of change in their organisations due to new government mandates .
“ 38 % of KSA organisations expect incoming government mandates to bring overall improvements in cybersecurity , while 36 % expect a decreased risk of cyberattacks impacting their business ,” said Gevers . “ However , new mandates are also likely to introduce additional costs : 30 % of KSA respondents expect an increase in financial cost to their business , which may put pressure on IT budgets . However , in a positive sign , organisations in KSA report allocating on average 16 % of their IT budgets to cyber resilience , slightly ahead of the global average of 14 %.”
Getting ahead of brand impersonation
Looking ahead , organisations are expected to invest in measures to protect their brands and email domains from spoofing in the coming year . Two in five organisations admitted to being only somewhat prepared or not prepared at all to deal with attacks that spoof their email domains .
“ Nearly all ( 92 %) KSA organisations that were surveyed either use or plan to use a brand protection service , while 88 % are using or plan to use DMARC to counter brand spoofing . Such measures are essential to maintaining high levels of security and trust with customers , especially in the wake of growing uptake of ecommerce and other digital customer interactions . The fact that one in 10 organisations had no plans or at least no immediate plans to implement brand protection is concerning . And while for some organisations , it may not seem like an immediate concern , they need to be on the front foot and ensure they have adequate protective measures in place before brand impersonation attacks escalate .”
Werno Gevers is available for interviews to unpack the findings of the latest Mimecast State of Email Security 2022 report , its implications for businesses , and what measures organisations and employees can take to build greater cyber resilience . p
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