Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 81 - Page 26

Instead of buying features and functionality that don ’ t deliver a measurable return , a PoC is a commitment to only implementing solutions that deliver on an agreed business outcome .
It makes sense to put technology investment , especially if it ’ s weighty and extensive , on hold during tough economic times . There are other considerations that the organisation has to deal with and all are essential to its growth and sustainability . However , it ’ s important to consider how expensive old methodologies , systems and approaches will become over the long term and to assess what return on investment ( ROI ) lies in looking at a suitable technology investment today . And the keyword here is ‘ suitable ’.
“ There are numerous solutions available to the business that wants to cut corners and save money in the short-term ,” he said . “ They can start small with immature solutions or they can use open-source solutions that are cost-effective and capable or they can simply plug holes with quick fixes . These are common steps taken , but they do introduce their own complexities , many that may end up costing the business even more money .”
Many of these solutions don ’ t come with one very important added extra – technical and business support . Yes , an extensive technology investment is not going to sit lightly on the bottom line , but it comes with several added extras that quick fixes and free systems do not , and one of them is full-service support . With an experienced technology and business partner on your side , you are not expected to set up the business scenarios yourself or train your staff to use new systems that aren ’ t quite fully integrated or spend expensive man-hours establishing how to get the technology to deliver business value . Instead , you have a partner that takes the time to understand your business
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