Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 81 - Page 11


IBM collaborates with King Saud University to advance skills development

Senior leaders from both organisations signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at advancing fundamental AI research and working with KSU to launch upskilling initiatives to promote AI education and awareness and leverage collaborations with academia , public , and private sectors .
In line with the Kingdom ’ s Vision 2030 , IBM will work closely with KSU to leverage AI-driven technologies in the areas of skills , curriculum development and research to provide the Kingdom ’ s youth with the necessary skills needed to succeed in the jobs of tomorrow .
“ Addressing the current AI skills gap is one of the most pressing challenges that we are currently witnessing especially when addressing real world problems ,” said Prof . Khaled Alhumaizi , Vice-Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research , KSU . We are pleased to collaborate with IBM to equip our students with the fundamental skills to develop the next generation of leaders .”

King Saud University ( KSU ), the first public university in the Kingdom has announced a collaboration with IBM aimed at advancing skills development through AI across the Kingdom .

“ Our collaboration with KSU is part of IBM ’ s commitment to equitably skill 30 million people worldwide by 2030 and support the Kingdom ’ s efforts to build the skills and expertise needed for the marketplace ,” said Fahad Alanazi , General Manager , IBM Saudi Arabia .

NEOM Tech & Digital Co launches cloud infrastructure project with Oracle to expand first cognitive city

Tech giant Oracle has announced that NEOM Tech & Digital Company , a leading technology company powering the first cognitive digital ecosystem at NEOM , has selected Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud @ Customer to create a scalable , agile and modern platform for all missioncritical IT workloads .

Richard Smith , Executive Vice President – Technology , EMEA , Oracle , said : “ NEOM ’ s vision of building the world ’ s first cognitive community means harnessing the latest digital technologies . The Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud @ Customer has been designed to address demanding data residency and privacy requirements and , with this , we can focus on ensuring our customers can run a self-contained region where all hosted data remain local to that region . This makes Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud @ Customer the perfect framework to support NEOM to achieve its vision .”
Fabio Fontana , CEO , ZeroPoint DC and Chief Growth Officer , NEOM Tech & Digital Company , said : “ Dedicated Region Cloud @ Customer is a natural progression of our ZeroPoint DC partnership with Oracle , and will allow us to fully tap into the potential of cognitive solutions that we are developing . Our continued partnership means that the infrastructure and best-in-class services provided by Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud @ Customer will play an instrumental role in powering the cognitive ecosystem at NEOM and support a growing digital economy for residents in Saudi Arabia and the broader region .”
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