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Pure Storage enables Taeknizon to enhance its cloud services for UAE businesses

Recognising the pressing need for UAE organisations to digitise their operations through the pandemic , Taeknizon established its cloud business in 2020 . Overwhelming demand for these services has driven more than 30 % year-over-year growth but momentum was hampered by the need for constant storage upgrades . To keep its growth on track , Taeknizon turned to Pure as-a-Service .
“ As a cloud provider , we ’ re strong OpEx advocates , so Pure ’ s subscription-based storage was a no-brainer ,” said Pramod Deshpande , Lead Cloud Architect , Taeknizon . “ We only pay for what we use , and we charge customers based on monthly usage – it couldn ’ t be simpler .”
Omar Akar , Regional Vice President , Middle East and Emerging Africa , Pure Storage

Pure Storage , an IT pioneer that delivers the world ’ s most advanced data storage technology and services , has announced that Taeknizon , a fast-growing private cloud services company , has deployed Pure ’ s infrastructure and Pure as-a-Service to enhance the performance and availability of its cloud services for UAE businesses .

With Pure fully managing the infrastructure , Taeknizon ’ s IT team saves an average of 12 hours per week .
“ We are proud to support Taeknizon as it empowers regional businesses to achieve their cloud ambitions . Backed by our subscription model , they can confidently build these offerings on market-leading flash technology . This enables them to focus their efforts on innovation and the introduction of new offerings that cater to their customer ’ s evolving needs ,” said Omar Akar , Regional Vice President , Middle East and Emerging Africa , Pure Storage .

Trend Micro detected and blocked over 104 million threats last year in UAE

Trend Micro Incorporated a global cybersecurity solutions provider , has released its 2021 annual cybersecurity report : Navigating New Frontiers . The report highlights the growing rate of cyber-attacks by malicious actors on digital infrastructures and individuals in the modern-day hybrid work environment .

The report states that globally Trend Micro solutions stopped over 94.2 billion threats in 2021 , a 42 % increase in the number of detections recorded in 2020 . Attacks had surged over 53 billion in the second half of 2021 , blocking 41 billion threats in H1 2021 .
In the UAE , Trend Micro solutions detected and blocked over 31.6 million ( 31,643,722 ) email threats , more than 5.4 million ( 5,495,564 ) malware attacks , and nearly 36 million ( 35,843,132 ) URL victims ’ attacks . Furthermore , shielding remote learning and working , Smart Home Network ( SHN ) solutions protected devices and networks from over 15.7 million ( 15,792,681 ) SHN inbound and outbound attacks , and prevented over 5.4 million ( 5,456,869 ) SHN events .
“ While the UAE ’ s enterprises appear to be on the recovery after successfully weathering recent crises such as the pandemic and other global events , cybercriminals have shown no signs of slowing down their sophisticated attacks ,” said Majd Sinan , Country Manager , UAE for Trend Micro . “ Moreover , the challenges of hybrid work , remote locations , and company-issued remote devices have led enterprises to reapproach their security strategies to protect newer vulnerabilities .”
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