Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 79 - Page 82


Leading a successful security transformation with Security Service Edge ( SSE )

In this interview with Intelligent CIO ’ s Jess Abell , Neil Thacker , EMEA and LATAM CISO for Netskope , highlights why traditional network security architecture is no longer fit for purpose , as well as why organisations should consider adopting a Security Service Edge ( SSE ) approach .

wWhy is the traditional network security architecture not fit for purpose in the cloud era ?

In this cloud era , most organisations ’ workforces are more dispersed than ever , as well as the applications they ’ re using and , of course , the data . The apps and data we use are no longer on an asset or server that we own within our data centre . The challenge for most organisations is that connecting employees through a corporate network and back out to the cloud continually shows a diminishing return – and adds a level of risk while increasing friction and complexity .
We ’ ve seen organisations look to move their network and security controls to the Edge – a virtual interconnectivity platform between a device and the services that are being consumed , with the goal to provide quick and efficient access to services wherever an employee is . Organisations that are having to steer employees back through a data centre , multiple silos or products to apply security or network controls are thinking about their existing network and security architecture not being fit for the cloud era .
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