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‘ Work from anywhere ’ is a reality for many organisations today but as teams leverage cloud tools to enable better collaboration , the criminals are also upping their game to take advantage of the new environment . Adenike Cosgrove , Cybersecurity Strategy , International , Proofpoint , highlights why defenders must prioritise email security when operating in the cloud , as well as how CISOs can best protect against today ’ s many different attacks .

Today ’ s global threat landscape is fundamentally characterised by that human element , and it ’ s no different in the Middle East . ‘ Work from anywhere ’ is now a reality for a significant percentage of the workforce and we ’ re seeing organisations around the world at greater risk of cyberthreats than ever before .

That ’ s why 66 % of CISOs in the UAE agree that remote working has made their organisation more vulnerable to these targeted cyberattacks , according to Proofpoint ’ s 2021 Voice of the CISO Report .
Here we break down some of the key questions CISOs in the region may have , with advice on how to bolster their cybersecurity postures .
What types of attack are CISOs in the region expecting to encounter ?
Almost 100 % of attacks require somebody to do something via human interaction to be successful .
Criminals are leveraging social engineering as a key tool to get somebody to click on or interact with their payload . The stats highlight that 99 % of data loss incidents are human-driven , while 75 % of ransomware attacks start with email phishing .
There are also Business Email Compromise attacks or email fraud attacks – where the criminal pretends to be someone that the victim trusts – are causing more financial loss than all other attacks combined .
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