Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 79 - Page 74

Sid Bhatia , Regional Vice President & General Manager , Middle East &
Turkey , Dataiku comes Everyday AI , where organisations can truly capitalise on data science to gain the kind of insights that lead to innovation .”
An Everyday AI culture is one where the leverage of data becomes routine through a combination of upskilling , governance and technology procurement . Under such conditions , execution becomes faster by including more people in the analytics process , resulting in quicker identification of opportunities , more rapid attainment of insights and slicker action .
“ Under Everyday AI , the use of data becomes almost pedestrian ,” Bhatia said . “ AI is so ingrained and intertwined with day-to-day operations that it ’ s just part of the business , rather than being used or developed by one central team . That is the future we see for forwardthinking business communities like the UAE .” p
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