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Welcome to the latest edition of Intelligent CIO Middle East . Cybersecurity firm Group-IB , recently unveiled its second annual guide to the evolution of threat number one Ransomware Uncovered 2021 / 2022 .

According to the report , between Q1 2021 and Q1 2022 , the data belonging to 147 companies from the Middle East and Africa ( MEA ) region was uploaded on ransomware DLS . In the GCC region , 17 companies from the UAE had their data posted on DLS , followed by Saudi Arabia with 15 victim-companies , Kuwait with six and Qatar with five .
Among the many insights , Riaz shares that : “ The WebEngage Retention Operating System enables us to create personalised shopper engagement strategy to make every communication more meaningful to shoppers . With region-specific targeting , we are able to deliver localised content on the shopper ’ s preferred channels of communication and cut down our communication cost significantly .” You can read more by turning to page 58 .
Elsewhere in the magazine , we look at endpoint protection and how CIOs are enhancing security at the endpoint . You will find this feature on page 40 .
In this regard , we continue to cover articles in this edition of the magazine addressing the issue of data protection , cyber breaches and the evolving threat landscape .
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Gracing the cover of this month ’ s edition is Shahin Riaz , Head of Product , eXtra . com , Saudi Arabia ’ s fastest-growing retail brand who tells us how the company has witnessed a 33 % increase in purchases through localised user engagement campaigns after WebEngage Retention Operating System .
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“ eXtra aims to provide a seamless experience and make it easy for new shoppers to navigate through the platform and get to what they are looking for quickly ,” says Riaz .
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